Hotel booking

We have pre-booked the following hotels. They are available for conference participants at the prices listed below if booked by the end of October (Leoneck & Youth Hostel) or November (Marta). Please make your booking directly with those hotels by email using the code APMP/ETH.

The usual booking portals may offer better alternatives (possibly even better prices for the above hotels!), depending on your priorities and budget. Public transportation in Zurich is usually efficient and punctual, so a budget accommodation outside Zurich Center may be a good option, if it is close to one of the train stations or along the routes of tram 9 or 10.

See here a list of hostels and other accommodation options in Zurich. Check also airbnb. Something else that works surprisingly often is to ask if there are any free rooms for the week on facebook groups like this one. You may also try to coordinate your booking via the APMP Facebook group.

Hotel name Hotel Marta Hotel Leoneck Zurich Youth Hostel
available rooms 17-21 Jan 15 single rooms 10 single rooms 20 double rooms 10 double rooms without/with bathroom 8 four-bed rooms without/with bathroom
Prices CHF 140 CHF 165 CHF 225 CHF 70/84 single occupancy CHF 41/49 per bed
CHF 98/114 double occupancy