Privacy Policy

The ETH Zurich uses the software «Converia» written by Lombego Systems GmbH at Weimar, Germany, to administrate conferences and other events. The ETH Zurich treats your data as follows:

  • For a registration to events on the following data is necessary: Salutation, Given name, Family name, Street, Postal code, Location, Country and Email address. If an event is liable to costs, at the majority of cases also the credit card number ist being asked for.
  • This data is being collected for the purpose of a valid registration and for the payment of the amount via credit card. When saving his data in Converia the participant agrees that the ETH saves his data.
  • The data remains in the computing centre of the ETH and is not handed out to third party. The data is protected via adequate organisational and technical measures. For the purpose of support and maintenance of the functionality the software manufacturer can get access to the system.
  • After termination oft the event the participant data are not automatically deleted. This offers the advantage for participants that they can register in another event without creating a new user account. After logging in, the participant gets an overview over all the events he or she booked. There, participants can also update their data. Participants can write to if they want their account to be deleted.

A participant consents to these terms and conditions when he or she creates a user account in Converia.

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